Campus Fire Log

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2014-08-22 11:00:00 Blazer Hall Contractor noticed sparks and flame coming from an electrical outlet connected the ADA button to the door. Fire caused by a power disruption. Damage limited to electrical connection and outlet. No injuries.
2014-02-25 16:03:00 G Page St Vu Bldg 1 Fire in bathroom exhaust fan fixture damaged ceiling and surrounding area. Occupant alerted by smoke detector and exited the apartment and called 911 from neighbor. Lexington Fire Department extinguished. No injuries, damage to bathroom area.
2014-02-17 16:20:00 Shawneetown A A fire occured in the mechanical room of facility. Fire was caused by a stove that was left on and spread to a cabinets, work area and wall before extinguished by the fire department. No injuries to report and property damage under $10,000.00.
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