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The following fire/life safety features have been very beneficial in providing good life safety precautions. These fire/life safety features have been adopted as being the policy for all parade floats:

• All decorative materials shall be flame resistant in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association Fire Code, Article 701.
• All decorations must bear the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label as being flame retardant.
• Candles or open flames of any nature are not permitted, and must not be used at any time.
• All generators are required to be equipped with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).
• Temporary wiring must be installed in an approved manner:

o Splices in cords shall not be permitted.
o Sixteen (16) gauge wiring shall be the smallest gauge permitted.
o There shall be no open contact or bare wires.
o Electrical system shall be grounded.
o Light bulbs shall be protected.
o Any elaborate wiring system may require a test and acceptance of a Certified Electrical Inspector

• At least one 5lb. ABC (all-purpose) fire extinguisher shall be provided on each float.
• Substantial physical restraints (guards) shall be provided if people intend to stand on the float. Guards shall be at least 42 inches high measured from the walking surface.
• Good housekeeping shall be provided while decorating the float.
• It is highly desirable to “pull the float” rather than having the float to be self-powered. If self-powered, the exhaust shall terminate to the exterior of the float.
• All floats shall have a final acceptance test, prior to the start of the parade.

Be advised that if during the final acceptance test the Fire Marshals office determines the above requirements have not been met the float in question will not be allowed to participate in the parade.

For additional information, please contact the University Fire Marshal office, 257-6326

Fire Marshal

Last Updated 05-02-2007
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