Video Lending Program

This service is ONLY available to University of Kentucky
faculty, staff and students.

To assist in preventing injuries and illnesses in laboratories, these videos are available for viewing. They can be borrowed from the Occupational Health and Safety Department by UK departments.

American Chemical Society

  1. The Big Spill-Chemical Spill Prevention and Clean-Up (15 min.) - Teaches how to prevent a "spill crime" in the viewers lab.
  2. Compressed Gases: Safe Handling Procedures (17 min.) - Explains how to safely move, store, and handle compressed gas cylinders.
  3. Compressed Gases: Compressed Hazards (17 min.) - Viewers are made aware of toxic, flammability, and other hazards of compressed gases.
  4. How Safe is Your Laboratory:
    • Part I: Good Lab Work Practices and Housekeeping (35 min.)
    • Part II: Personal Protection (35 min.)
    • Part III: Safety Organization (40 min.)

    Excellent seminar where viewers are asked to answer the question "How Safe is Your Lab?" Starring George H. Wahl, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry, North Carolina State University, and Chair of the ACS Division Chemical Health and Safety, and James E. Miller, Ph.D., Training Instructor, OSHA.

  5. Marty's Guide to Chemical Storage in the Lab (15 min.) - Documentary by Chemist Marty Dodsworth highlighting good and bad chemical storage methods.
  6. Oxidation Hazards [More Than Just Air] (17 min.) - Gives a new perspective on safe ways to work with oxidizing materials.
  7. Stop That Dose (22 min.) - After watching this offbeat (and entertaining) video, the viewer will never forget that working with highly toxic chemicals can be very deadly.
  8. Things That Burn-Flammable and Combustible Chemicals (17 min.) - Discusses how to avoid being caught in the fire triangle.

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute

  9. Centrifuge Hazards (9 min.) - Identifies choices critical to reducing centrifuging hazards like choosing the proper centrifuge, rotor, tubes, adapters, and speed.
  10. Chemical Hazards (10 min.) - Identifies Phenol-chloroform extraction, and ethanol precipitation.

  11. Glassware Washing Hazards (10 min.) - This video makes labworkers aware of the hazards of improper washing and handling of glassware.
  12. Practicing Safe Science (29 min.) - Good video that covers a large number of safety hazards for research and academic labs in a short amount of time. Starring Phil Sharp, Ph.D, Nobel Prize winner.
  13. Radionuclide Hazards (12 min.) - This video demonstrates safety procedures for the handling of radioisotopes in a laboratory setting.

    Miscellaneous Vendors

  14. Electrical Safety, Long Island Productions (7 min.) - Explains fundamentals of electricity and electrical safety.
  15. 28 grams of prevention ( 35 min.) - A good but dated video for explosion prevention, and general principles of laboratory safety.

For additional information, send this form (see below * * ) to 252 East Maxwell Street, 40506-0314.

If you wish to reserve the video, please call (859) 257-3827 or send a facsimile to 257-8787.

Seven - Day Review Policy. The Occupational Health & Safety Department will allow videos to be borrowed for up to 7 days. Orders for videos must be placed by faculty or staff members. An account number and the name of the responsible person for the account must be provided. If not returned or if video is damaged, the borrower or their department will have to pay for the cost of the video.

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