University of Kentucky
ADA Evacuation Policy
Residence Halls

It is the University of Kentucky's policy that all Residence Halls must be evacuated upon activation of a fire alarm system. If someone has a physical or medical condition that would not allow them to evacuate without some form a assistance in evacuating, the policy permits that person to be evacuated to the nearest stairway for the Fire Department to evacuate when necessary.

It has been brought to our attention that in some cases a student in their room would need to be placed in a wheelchair to evacuate. In these situations it would require the Housing Staff or another student to put their personal safety in jeopardy and risk harming the bedfast student to assist them to their chair for evacuation.

In an effort to resolve this issue the following changes have been made:

  • An ADA student is to be issued an "Emergency Assistance Card". This card will identify the student and their location in the residence hall. This card should be given to another resident on their way out of the building by the card's owner. The resident upon evacuation should give the card and the location of the ADA student to the nearest fireman. These cards can be used in any building on campus, but the student needing help should always give their current location to the person who receives the card.
  • Since not all students are capable of giving their card to another individual during evacuation because of their differing abilities, a list of all residents requiring assistance will be kept in the Fire Alarm Control Panel in each residence hall. This list will be located by the first arriving fire company. The fire department will make the determination as to how quickly the students needing additional support during evacuation will need to be evacuated. If a resident is not in danger the Fire Department will leave them in a safe location. Evacuation will be a last resort.
  • An Emergency Assistance Card can be issued to residents with temporary conditions that would keep them from evacuating upon activation of the fire alarm. Jake Karnes will determine which of these students has a condition that warrants a card.

If the student has the ability to make their way to the stairwell, the student should evacuate to this location. The stairways are all fire rated and the students will be visible to the incoming firemen, which makes their evacuation easier and faster.

Fire Marshal

Last Updated 10.09.2006
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