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Space Heater

The purpose of a space heater is to supply supplemental heat to a small space for a short period of time. The appropriate PPD department should be contacted to increase the heat to the area in question on a permanent basis. To utilize a space heater for temporary, supplemental heat, all of the following requirements are mandatory:
  1. Unit must be UL listed,
  2. Unit can only be used in an office space,
  3. Unit must be plugged directly into a hard-wired electrical wall outlet (no extension cords or power strips under any circumstance). Contact the building operator to ensure the electrical circuit will not become overloaded,
  4. Unit must be positioned a minimum of 3’ from any combustible material,
  5. Unit must have a thermostat,
  6. Unit must have a safety “tip-over” shut-off, and
  7. Unit must be continuously supervised by designated personnel.
  8. Liquid fueled space heaters of any type shall not be used. Salamander/Torpedo heaters for internal (PPD) construction projects will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Questions concerning this Policy may be addressed to the University Fire Marshal at (859) 257-6326.

This policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the University Committee on Safety and Environmental Health.
Date Endorsed: 26 January 2006

Fire Marshal

Last Updated 03.13.2006
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