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Open flames not only create a serious fire hazard, but also create a serious personal injury hazard. Based on the Kentucky Fire Prevention Code, 2000, it is for these reasons that this policy has been established.

  1. Candles including incense candles: prohibited in all University buildings including Greek Chapters, Residence Halls, and apartment complexes without written approval of the University Fire Marshal.
  2. Welding and associated work: must obtain a hot work permit. Exception: Previously approved permanent work station.
  3. Religious/ceremonial functions (group assemblies): contact University Fire Marshal's office for review/approval,
  4. Food service operations (portable cooking equipment): food warmers must be placed on a non-combustible surface,
  5. Laboratories: excluded from this policy but precautions must be taken to ensure safe operation procedures
  6. Sporting events: prohibited without approval from the University Fire Marshal's office,
  7. Open flames fueled by propane tanks are prohibited. (Exception: gas barbecue grills are permitted but must be located exterior to the building-NOTE: propane tanks shall not be stored inside buildings).
  8. Bonfires/burning trash or construction waste: Prohibited unless approved by the University Fire Marshal's office,
  9. Pyrotechnics: Prohibited unless approved by the University Fire Marshal's office.

Questions concerning this Policy may be addressed to the University Fire Marshal at (859) 257-6326.

This policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the University Committee on Safety and Environmental Health.
Date Endorsed: 26 January 2006

Fire Marshal

Last updated 03.13.2006
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