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Free Chemicals List

To obtain a chemical or chemicals from this list:
  1. You must be an employee of UK.
  2. You must fill in the blue box at the top of each list.
  3. Check the box(es) of the chemical(s) you want & the number of units, if necessary.
  4. Check to make sure everything you entered is correct.
  5. Click the "submit" button (top or bottom of page).
  6. Print the page that comes up after you hit "submit" and keep it for your records.  

Do you have chemicals that could be redistributed to other UK units?

If so, send a list via mail to 355 Cooper Drive, 0490, fax to 323-6274, or email Peggy Quisenberry.

Please include the following info:

  • Full chemical name (common name)
  • Amount in container
  • Approximate age of container
  • Manufacturer
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Updated 05.15.2009

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