Non-Routine Exposures for Building Occupants

The University of Kentucky is committed to providing work, study, research, and residential environments that are free from recognized hazards.  As part of this commitment, the UK Health & Safety office monitors campus buildings any time that non-routine maintenance, repair, or restoration activities occur that might result in indoor air quality concerns.

Sometimes, non-routine maintenance or repair needs to occur in a campus building.  For example, when water damage occurs in a building due to roof leaks, flooding, broken pipes, or other incidents, then several chemical compounds might be used in order to repair the building and put it back into normal service.  Examples include:

  • Roof-sealant compounds
  • Antimicrobial encapsulant and water-sealer for indoor building materials
  • Paints or other finishes
  • Chemicals for cleaning and repairing floor coverings such as carpets or linoleum.

UK Health & Safety works with the Physical Plant Division (PPD) and building operators to ensure that only the safest products and procedures are used for all work that occurs within, or adjacent to, occupied buildings.  

Please contact Robert Thomas (859-257-7600) if you have any concerns about non-routine exposures, renovations, repairs, or any other safety and health topic.

Useful Links

Safety Data Sheets for the most commonly used roofing compounds at UK:

Monitoring reports by UKHS from on-campus roofing projects:

Safety Data Sheets for IdeaPaint products used to create dry-erase wall surfaces:


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