Cellular Manufacturing Systems

Cellular Manufacturing Systems

A recent development in manufacturing technology has given rise to a manufacturing concept known as Manufacturing Systems/Cells, or Cellular Manufacturing Systems. These systems of integrated industrial machines, linked by a material handling system and operated by (controlled by) a programmable electronic system (computer) are capable of manufacturing discrete parts or assemblies. The safety of employees exposed to these systems is of first order importance.

Because a system is to be safeguarded it is logical that a system hazard analysis will yield the parameters of the safeguarding system required. Figures 73 through 75 depict typical cellular system concepts and safeguarding considerations.

ANSI B11.20-1991, should be referred to for assistance when a cellular manufacturing system is envisioned.

Figure 73. - Typical manufacturing system/cell using a robot as the material handling system showing perimeter marking/barrier, fixed barriers with interlocked gates, presence sensing devices, warning devices, and additional system emergency stop devices.

Figure 74. - Manufacturing system composed of several cells.

Figure 75. - Areas to be considered for safeguarding.

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