University of Kentucky Chemical Hygiene Plan

The following is a revised version adopted by the University Chemical Safety Committee. The revision was necessary for compliance with the OSHA Laboratory Standard which requires an annual review.

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Printed versions of the Chemical Hygiene Plan can be requested, please contact Karen Jackson at 257-3242 to request a copy. Any manual preceding the 2012 edition needs the updated information on the Globally Harmonized Standard of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). This can be done by requesting a new manual, or just copying Chapter 6 and replacing it in the existing manual of the laboratory.

Chapter 6

Chemical Hygiene Plan Annual Review

Standard Operating Procedures
Chemical Abbreviations
Fisher Scientific Compatability Chart
Standard Laboratory Signage
Lab Specific Training Checklist
Laboratory Self Inspection Form
Directions for Laboratory Self Inspection Form
Violations Checklist

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