Emergency First Aid Assistance

In spite of conscientious application of safety rules, accidents and medical emergencies do occur. Recognizing this fact, the University Police Department provides a 24-hour emergency number and first aid assistance in Lexington for Central Administration, Lexington Campus, Medical Center (excluding the Hospital), and Lexington Community College.

The University's emergency number for Lexington is:


This number should be used for classroom, research, clinical, utility and administrative buildings; residence halls, fraternities and sororities; Lexington Community College; and sports facilities. University Hospital and some remote facilities have developed site-specific emergency first aid capabilities and procedures. If such procedures apply to you, you will receive information directly from your unit. In the event of a medical emergency or a serious injury requiring immediate medical assistance, dial the University's emergency number and follow the guidelines below:

  • Give your name.
  • Tell the dispatcher specifically what the emergency is.
  • Give the exact location, such as the building name, the room number, the street location, and any helpful directions to quickly locate the area.
  • Describe the severity of the accident.
  • Stay on the line until released by the dispatcher.

For additional emergency reporting information, contact the University Police Department at 257-1616.

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