Obtaining Authorization to Use Radioactive Material

The "Application for Authorization to Possess and Use Radioactive Material", RSO-1 is to be used when applying for use of radioactive sealed and unsealed sources, use of material in animals or humans. It must be completed in full and all pertinent documentation attached to be considered for review by the Radiation Safety Committee. This includes a response to each item in section 9 under the radioactive material use category. In addition, a curricula vita (resume) and Radiation Worker Registration form is needed for the Authorized User and a Radiation Worker Registration form for each of his/her research staff.

Provide the information about yourself in section 1. It is important that you provide a telephone number where we may reach you during the day. Section 2 is self-explanatory. In section 3, name the room(s) and building(s) where you will be using and storing radioactive material. List all radionuclides to be used and the pertinent information in section 4. Total quantities means total amounts you may have on hand at any one time. The maximum quantities per experiment are the largest amount you would use when conducting an experiment. If the radioactive material is in a hazardous form, document that in section 5. In section 6 check off all safety precautions to be used in your research. See the radiation safety website for suggested safety precautions. Describe waste disposal procedures in section 7. In section 8 describe the methods and procedures for ensuring that radioactive material will be secured from unauthorized access.

Please note that you must complete the appropriate category in section 9 for each radionuclide. For example, if you are working with tritium and P-32 in an unsealed form, you will respond to items 1 through 7 in category B for both tritium and P-32. However, in some cases the response may be the same. If you have any questions regarding the application, feel free to contact the Radiation Safety Office. We will be glad to answer questions and set up a meeting with you to go over the application prior to submittal for approval.

Upon completing the form with attachments send two (2) copies of the document to the Radiation Safety Office, 102 Animal Pathology Building, Speed Sort 0076. Applications will be processed within four weeks and the applicant notified of the results.* If the authorization is for a new user, the Authorized User will be contacted by the Radiation Safety Office to schedule an initial inspection of the laboratory prior to use of material.

*Note: More time may be required to process the application if information is missing.

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