Obtaining Radiation Badges

Personnel monitoring devices (film badges, thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD), pocket dosimeters, etc.) are issued by the Radiation Safety Office to measure an individual's exposure to radiation. A personnel monitoring device is issued only upon the completion of a "Radiation Worker Registration" form and completing the On-Site and Initial training requirements. Additional radiation safety training provided by the Radiation Safety Office will be required as soon as possible, but no less than 4 months upon filing a "Radiation Worker Registration" form. Badges are not needed by individuals working solely with low energy beta emitters (H-3, C-14, S-35, Ca-45) or when quantities used at any one time are less than one (1) millicurie. Body badges are assigned to workers who use one (1) or more millicurie at any one time of higher energy beta, a gamma emitter or x-ray device. Ring badges are issued to individuals in Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Medicine and individuals working with one (1) millicurie or more of higher energy beta, gamma emitters or x-ray devices. They may also be required for other uses of radioactive material or radiation producing devices. The Radiation Safety Officer may require the use of pocket dosimeters, ring badges, or other monitoring devices when particular procedures are in operation.

Monitoring Requirements

Radiation protection regulations and UK policy require that appropriate personnel monitoring equipment be provided to individuals who:

  • are likely to receive an annual radiation dose in excess of 10 percent of any of the following annual dose limits:
    • total effective dose equivalent of 5 rem
    • sum of the deep dose equivalent and the committed dose equivalent to an individual organ or tissue (other than the lens of the eye) being equal to 50 rem
    • eye dose equivalent of 15 rem
    • shallow dose equivalent of 50 rem to the skin or to an extremity
    • intake of the applicable Annual Limits of Intake listed in Section 44(9), table 1, 902 KAR 100.
  • are under 18 years of age and are likely to receive a radiation dose in excess of 1 percent of the occupational exposure listed above.
  • are radiation workers and have declared a pregnancy or planned pregnancy.
  • enter a High Radiation Area (exposure to greater than 100 millirem in any one hour).
  • operate analytical X-ray devices (ring and whole body badges).
  • meet special criteria as assessed by the Radiation Safety Officer or his/her representative

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