Half Life: 87.4 days

Radiation: beta

Max. Energy: .167 Mev (100%)

Range in Air: 24 cm

ALI: 2 mCi

DAC: 9E-7 uCi/mL

Hazard: The beta radiation from mCi quantities is not an external radiation hazard. However, ingestion and inhalation may result in an internal exposure.
Safety Precautions:
  • Follow General Precautions for working with radioactive material.
  • Dosimetry is not required when handling S-35.
  • Most research involving S-35 may be performed on a laboratory bench.
  • Shielding is not required.
  • Use GM detector with pancake probe or liquid scintillation detector to monitor for contamination.
  • Urinalysis is required within 24 hours after working with 100 mCi or greater of S-35.
  • Dispose of radioactive waste in accordance with requirements in Appendix G of the Radiation Safety Manual.

H-3, C-14, S-35, P-32, I-125, Cr-51, Tc-99m, P-33

Radiation Safety