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Contact the Biological Safety Department at 323-5728 or 257-8655 for details.

This class is only available online.

Biological Safety

The Institutional Biosafety Committee and Biological Safety Officer require all personnel working with biohazardous materials in research laboratories at the University of Kentucky to complete this training. Beginning August 2nd, 2006, Principal Investigators who submit new protocols or renewals to the IBC will be required to complete this training. In addition personnel named on the protocol or new personnel added to a previously approved protocol will also be required to complete this training. The training module will emphasize the basic principles and practices of biological safety.

This class is only available online.

In lieu of the General Biosafety course personnel working with biohazardous material associated with plants and/or plant pathogens may take the Plant Biosafety course available online.

Bloodborne Pathogens For Researchers

This training is intended to promote general awareness of the potential hazards associated with blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM),such as human cell lines, in the occupational setting of the research laboratory. Additionally, the responsibilities and obligations of employers, supervisors, and employees under the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, and the University, will be discussed. This training course must be complimented by workplace specific training conducted by the Principal Investigator or designee. It is required upon initial hire and annually thereafter for those employees who have the potential for exposure to blood or OPIM.

This class must be retaken annually. Classroom training sessions are available upon request. Class duration is one hour. Contact the Biological Safety Department, 323-5728 or 257-8655.

This class is available online.

Dual Use Research

This training is designed to provide awareness of United States Government policies related to the concept of Dual Use Research and Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC). All Principal Investigators are asked to complete this training as they are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their research is properly reviewed for Dual Use Research to ensure continued funding from United States Government Funding Agencies and/or the National Institutes of Health.

This class is available online.

Select Agents

This training is designed to promote safe and secure handing of designated Select Agents. All personnel must be pre-authorized in order to receive Select Agent training. Contact the Biological Safety Department, 323-5728 or 257-8655.

This class is available online.

Select Agents - Insider Threat Awareness

This training is designed for individuals who work with Tier 1 Select Agents and/or Toxins. This class must be taken on an annual basis by individuals approved for non-escorted access.

This class is available online.

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