Training Classes - Environmental Management

Asbestos Awareness

Successful completion of this on-line course will meet the requirements for the training of maintenance and custodial staff about the dangers of asbestos fibers in University-owned buildings, the methods available to control hazards, and the actions one must take and avoid when working in an area known or presumed to contain asbestos. This course will NOT allow you to work with asbestos. This is only an awareness course to provide information for working around asbestos safely.

Note the online version of this class is temporarly unavailable. Please contact Tommy Taylor at (859) 257-5295 for more information.

Shipping Dangerous Goods - Initial Training

The University requires all faculty, staff and students who are involved in any aspect of shipping dangerous
goods (e.g., packing, labeling, transporting, etc.) to attend a DOT/IATA Initial Training course.

The initial course is held in a classroom setting so class size is limited and pre registration is required. Contact Charles Lowe to find the next available date and register.

Shipping Dangerous Goods - Refresher Training

At least every two (2) years following the completion of the Initial Training course, it is required to
complete DOT/IATA Refresher Training to maintain the legal ability to ship dangerous goods. This
refresher certification can only be taken by individuals who have previously successfully completed the
Initial Training course. If Refresher Training is not completed within two (2) years of the Initial Training
date, the classroom training must be retaken.

This class is available online.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste handling and disposal training is required for anyone who works with chemicals. If you have any questions about this class, please contact Robert Kjelland at (859) 257-3285.

You can satisfy this training requirement by taking this class online:

For personnel within any of the following, see Hazardous Waste Specfic:

  • Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Center For Applied Energy Research
  • Chemistry-Physics Building

All other personnel see Hazardous Waste General.

Environmental Health and Safety

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