Environmental Health & Safety
David Hibbard Executive Director 859-257-9730
Taylor Johnson Business Officer 859-257-1376
Damon Caskey Technology Officer 859-257-3241
Environmental Quality Management
Robert Kjelland Director 859-257-3285
Maridely Loyselle Assistant Director 859-562-3121
Ron Taylor Environmental Compliance Consultant 859-576-7871
Peggy Quisenberry Administrative Support Associate 859-323-6280
Kevin Lewis Water Quality Compliance Manager 859-257-0093
Andrea Smith Air Quality Compliance Manager 859-218-6265
Brian Butler Waste Management Systems Specialist 859-323-5005
Mike Blackard Senior Hazardous Waste Specialist 859-257-7375
Charles Lowe Senior Hazardous Waste Specialist 859-257-3147
Lee Faulkner Senior Environmental Specialist 859-257-7373
Tommy Taylor Senior Environmental Specialist 859-257-5295
Robert Baker Waste Management Technician 859-562-2228
Biological Safety
Brandy Nelson Biological Safety Officer 859-257-1049
Holley Trucks Animal Research Compliance Manager 859-257-8655
Delena Mazzetti Assistant Biological Safety Officer 859-257-1073
Audra Strahl IBC Administrative Professional II 859-323-5728
Warren Rummage IBC Administrative Professional I 859-562-2918
Kathryn Childress Data Coordinator, Sr. 859-323-7345
University Fire Marshal
Greg Williamson Fire Marshal 859-257-8590
Jason Ellis Assistant Fire Marshal 859-257-6326
Brandon Ernest Code Specialist 859-257-6658
Occupational Health & Safety
Lee Poore Director 859-257-2924
Robert Thomas Industrial Hygienist Senior 859-257-7600
Karen Jackson Laboratory Safety Specialist 859-257-2924
Josh Valverde Safety Specialist 859-257-9739
Radiation Safety
Brian Lemieux Radiation Safety Officer 859-323-6308
David Rich Asst. Radiation Safety Officer 859-218-5292
George Ellis Radiation Health Technician 859-257-2563
Daniel Croft Radiation Health Technician 859-323-5376
Gina Carlton Health Physicist 859-218-3722
Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health & Safety

252 East Maxwell Street
Lexington, KY 40506-0314

Phone: (859) 257-9730
Fax: (859) 257-8787

Accident Reporting

Work Related Employee Injuries

Student or Visitor Injuries
Injury and Illness Reporting

Report unsafe conditions to EHS
(859) 257-2924 or send us an e-mail.

After hours and weekends
UKPD (859) 257-1616 Emergencies 911!