Smoke and Haze Use Policy


This policy has been established to provide the requirements and procedures necessary whenever smoke or haze is used during a University event, theatrical production, or for any other purpose inside of University facilities or on University property.


This policy applies to all University buildings including campus, athletic, medical, and agricultural facilities. The policy further applies to the use of smoke or haze on any property owned by the University.


Smoke and haze – any atmospheric effect that produces small particle distribution in the air for the purpose of entertainment, theatrical mood setting, or lighting effects. Smoke and haze shall refer to any particles of a solid or liquid substance suspended in the air and shall include smoke, haze, fog, CO2 use, and/or nitrogen use.


Smoke and haze use in University buildings is often associated with concerts, theatrical productions, and athletic events. The UK Fire Marshal’s Office does not prohibit the use of these effects, but they do need to be approved and regulated. Smoke and haze production inside of a building can be problematic for several reasons. First, smoke and haze is capable of tripping smoke detectors and activating the building’s fire alarm system. Second, the improper use of smoke and haze can create a situation where exits and exit routes are obscured and difficult to navigate in an emergency. Lastly, smoke and haze production has previously been perceived by uninformed occupants as a fire condition followed by confusion and unnecessary emergency response.

Smoke and Haze Usage

Smoke and haze use in any University building and on any property owned by the University shall be submitted to the UK Fire Marshal for review and approval prior to the event or use. You may use the form located here. Some activities produce smoke and haze but are not covered under the scope of this policy. These include, but may not be limited to:

  • Work activities where the production of smoke and haze is accounted for in normal code and OSHA requirements. May include cooking, laboratory functions, workshops, etc.
  • The testing of building and mechanical equipment where smoke is used. May include fire alarm systems, HVAC systems, etc.

Smoke and Haze Approval Process

Any event where smoke and haze may be used shall be submitted to the UK Fire Marshal’s Office for review and approval at least two weeks before the event. Considerations for the approval will include the following:

  • Location of the event
  • The type of smoke and/or haze produced
  • Method of smoke and/or haze production
  • Duration of the smoke and/or haze production
  • Proximity to egress components
  • Proximity to fire alarm detection devices

If the smoke and haze use is approved, there may be additional requirements for the event staff. If the facility has smoke detectors in close proximity to the event, it may be necessary for Fire Marshal staff or approved PPD staff to be present to monitor the fire alarm system. Monetary fees associated with the additional personnel will be the responsibility of the person(s) producing the event. Event staff shall also notify building occupants and facility personnel of the smoke and haze use. This can be done through email and can be coordinated with facility representatives.

Additionally, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for any product used to produce smoke and/or haze shall be obtained from the manufacturer and kept on the premises during the event.

The form to submit your smoke and/or haze use can be found here:
Smoke and Haze Use Submission Form

This policy has been reviewed and endorsed by the University Committee on Safety and Environmental Health.
Date Endorsed: 2019-12-10

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